# Clone your fork locally
git clone "git@github.com:YOUR_NAME/call-for-maintainers.git"
# Install dependencies
cd call-for-maintainers
npm install
# Run the script that fetches your repo
./scripts/fetch-repo.js OWNER/REPO
# If you have a PR with details about becoming maintainer
# set it in the "moreLink" property in the JSON file
vi src/projects/OWNER/REPO.json
# Run the script that generates the index
# Commit your changes
git add -a .
git commit -m "Added OWNER/REPO"
# Push your changes and create a PR
git push

Add your project to the list

All projects are kept in the same repository as this website as JSON files. There are some scripts to make your life easier and following the instructions above should do the trick.

🆕 Fork this repository
  • Make sure you have a working Node.js environment with at least Node.js 14

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